The 3-Phase Care Concept

Phyris’s forward-looking, 3-PHASE CARE CONCEPT optimally protects and cares for your skin and skin problems while acting against aging of the skin:

Phase 1: Cleansing

Cleansing, Peeling and Tonifying with PHYRIS products is creating a wellness moment and a ritual for the user – it makes fun and this is an integral part of a modern skincare line. Wonderful formulations as gels, milks, creams, tonics or foams are available. For the deep cleansing of the skin there are abrasive as well as enzymatic peelings as well as a Deep Cleansing Mineral Mask and a special AHA Peeling for cabin use.

Phase 2: The heart of PHYRIS

The origin of Phase 2
About 15 years ago, scientists of the university in Padua were laying the cornerstone of the today’s Phase 2 of the unique 3-Phase Care Concept of PHYRIS Premium Spa Cosmetics.

The aim was, to make the intensive thermal treatments (fango and so on) in the thermes around Venice more tolerable. This has been achieved by the patients at the health resorts by applying  a special gel daily – the today’s TERMASOMI GEL. The formulation with thermal water from Galzignano has been brought to perfection and has been taken over exclusively by the PHYRIS brand. Termasomi immediately convinced the users with its unique, incomparable effectiveness.

Besides the gel, the Termasomi Spray has also been introduced very successfully.

In 2005 this well-proven concept was extended by an additional two product lines:

  • sensitive skin: Sensisomi Balm
  • demanding skin: Ultrasomi Fluid

The SOMIs in detail

Phase 2 brings your personal joker to the game. Exact activation with the right SOMI makes your following skincare even more effective. Choose according to individual skin demand and skin condition from 3 different SOMI products:

TERMASOMI activates with liposomally encapsuled thermal elements the receptiveness of the skin for the following skincare. It is in addition like a fountain of youth which deeply moisturizes the skin. TERMASOMI GEL or SPRAY is therefore always applied before the final care.

SENSISOMI strengthens the immun system of sensitive skin with deep sea elements.
It activates the skins own self defense and helps it to regenerate itself. Redness and irritations are reduced immediately. PHYRIS SENSISOMI BALM makes skincare even more tolerated and is therefore also applied before the final care. Free of emulsifiers, colorants, perfumes and preservatives.

ULTRASOMI activates the cell metabolism of the skin with oxygen. Tired, wan skin is revitalized and the skin is prepared for the following skincare in a perfect way. UTLRASOMI FLUID makes the following skincare even more effective and is therefore applied before the final care.

The effectiveness of Phase 2

SOMI with its active ingredients is a guarantee for most possible tolerance of skincare. They activate the skins own regeneration ability and therefore increase the tolerance and vitality of the skin.

Phase 3: The Care Phase

Due to the wide and deep product range there is the perfect skincare product for each skin type, skin condition and demand. Selective plant extracts, vitamins, gentle fruit acids as well as mineral micronutrients are prepared with latest technologies so an optimum of care quality can be guaranteed. Nonetheless PHYRIS is focused on high-tech active ingredients and therefore is always trend setting and up to date.