The wish for an even, flawless skin is not just a modern concept,
but is almost as old as mankind itself.

In addition to anti-aging, refining, anti-pigmentation, brightening and whitening are big issues in professional cosmetics.

Thanks to new findings, state-of-the-art techniques and astonishing innovations, it has become possible to easily fulfill the desire for a porcelain skin. The PHYRIS laboratories have succeeded in combining the latest active ingredients with an intelligent effective concept:  Active White Complex is the name of the magic formula that is part of the new range PROFINE. Even aging skin is transformed with PROFINE as it becomes more even, finer and regains its radiant glow.

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Profine Refining Profine Anti Pigment Profine Whitening Profine Pigment Corrector
Refining Aha Depot
Anti Pigment Total Control
Whitening Triple Effect Pigment Corrector Local Effect Concentrate
Refines & restores the skins evenness, minimizing depth of wrinkles. Exfoliating effect using liposomally encapsulated AHA’s (fruit acids) giving the skin a fresh radiance creating new cells.

Elasticity is supported, whilst regenerating the skin by activating collagen synthesis.  Avoids premature aging by resisting moisture loss & builds a protective film on the skin
24hr care especially for reducing the appearance of age spots, avoids melanin production, distributing it evenly minimizing the appearance of pigments by improving the skins natural sun protection barrier.

Enhances protection of the skin against UV rays with a balancing & calming effect, leaving a young & even complexion
24hr care, oil-free, whitening Cell-Active-White is a 3 step effect, restrains melanin development, distribution & the accumulation of melanin in the cells.

High-Tech-Silica reduces oily film, balancing & calming the skin, leaving a fine & bright porcelain tint
This effective whitening complex concentrate developed to lighten up hyper pigmentation & spots, can be combined with any other product of the Phyris lines.

Pigment corrector lightens up the melanin visibly. A UV-absorber increases skins own protection & reflects rays due to the microfine structure
Profine Brightening
Brightening Total Result Mask      
Whitening & balancing mask that supplies moisture & strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. Inhibits development of pigment spots & lightens pigmentation.  

To avoid hormonal pigmentation the soy Isoflavone reduces melanin production & supports the structure & tightness of the skin