New Generation

New Generation

Highly active concentrated ingredients for specific skin conditions
offer anti-age rejuvenation, harmony and balance for all skin types.

Ampoules are a collection of advanced active concentrates designed to cater for all skin
conditions working in synergy through a Phyris 3 phase care concept.
‘Leave On’ masks rich in vitamins and minerals, can be used effectively with convincing results bringing the skin condition into harmony and balance, boosting moisture levels and protection, supporting the skins barrier function. Visibly invigorates and refreshes the skin.
May be left on over night. Perfect for air flight travel (due to dehydrating environmental conditions).
12-15 applications.

Spa Harmony plus Leave On Spa Hydro plus Leave On Spa Beauty plus Leave On Ampoules Collection
Spa Harmony plus Leave On Spa Hydro plus Leave On Spa Beauty plus Leave On Ampoules Collection
Velvety creamy structure immediately calming & harmonizing stressed & irritated skin.

Water lily extract has an intense anti-stress effect with an anti-bacterial result. Rich oil component reduces redness & irritation, allowing skin to regain balance.

Suitable for sensitive skin
Gentle & light with high moisture content visibly refreshes & revitalizes the skin. Fig cactus extract replenishes moisture & improves skins overall moisture level.

Special oil components support the skins repair mechanism & barrier function.

Ideal for age 30+
(Also refer to Hyaluron Sensation
Mask in the ‘Hydro Active Range’)
Highly active ingredients perfect for anti-aging, firms & tightens skin for a rejuvenated look & feel. Myrrh extract improves lipid synthesis, improving skins structure & resistance.

Hyaluronic acid builds a deep moisture depot & firms the skin, immediately & visibly smoothing out lines & wrinkles
A symbiosis of luxury and multiplied effectiveness.
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