Activate the skin after cleaning with a Somi product.
This will increase the functions and natural resistance of the skin.
Somi allows subsequent cosmetic care products to be more effective, tolerated, & last longer.
All Somi products are used after cleansing regime & before the Phase 3 care range.

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Phryis Skin Care Travel Kit Termasomi Gel Termasomi Spray Ultrasomi Fluid
Refreshing mini trio including Foam Cleanser, Termasomi Gel & Hyaluron Sensation Cream perfect for a holiday or a trial Refreshing, oil free gel – multi-active liposomally encapsulated with thermal elements & mineral substances hydrate the skin & helps to retain moisture 35% longer.

Supports skins own function, receptiveness & improves the penetration of any skin care products.

Suitable for all skin types
Refreshing especially in summer or after sun bathing. Excellent to apply during the day in air-conditioned or heated environments.

Suitable for every skin type
Velvety cell-activating fluid with oxygen improves the vitality of the skin by 29% & allows subsequently applied products to take effect more intensively, especially serums. New skin cells are built & the regeneration processes are stimulated.

Suitable for demanding, tired, sallow & inactive skin
 Sensisomi Balm      
Gentle anti-stress balm improves the skins own tolerance with deep sea elements free of dyes, perfumes & preservatives. Acts as a protective shield, balances sensitive skin, reduces redness & irritation by 35% strengthens the skins immune system, balances & stabalizes.

Suitable for all sensitive, stressed & allergy prone skins

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