Cleansing, Exfoliation & Peels


A thorough cleansing of the skin is the basis for effective skin care.
The PHYRIS range covers the entire range of professional cosmetic cleansing, exfoliation & peeling.
All PHYRIS cleansers are high-quality concentrates and can therefore be used sparingly.

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CREAMY CLEANSER FOAM CLEANSER 125x111_milky_cleanser 125x111_sensi_foam_ultra_soft_cleanser
Creamy Cleanser Foam Cleanser Milky Cleanser Sensi Foam
Soft cleansing cream removes residues gently, strengthens the skins barrier function, fragrance free.

Suitable for sensitive, dry & combination skin
Exclusive soft foam formula with micro-massage pearls suitable for every uncomplicated skin type including oily & combination skin Soft cleansing milk with silk proteins supply, bind moisture & protect.

Rice oil a free radical scavenger protects skin against premature aging.

Suitable for normal, dry & mature skin types
Extra mild cleansing foam with no dyes, perfumes or preservatives.

Gently calms irritations, ideal for extremely sensitive or
allergy prone skin
125x111_eye_makeup_remover_gel 125x111_7581_deep_cleansing_mask
Eye Make-up Remover Gel  Deep Cleansing Mask
Non-greasy cleansing gel for gentle & refreshing removal of eye & lip

Coconut oil base prevents sensitive eye area drying out during cleansing
Warming, cleansing mask with Cranberry extract, grape seed oil & white clay provides a gentle healing action that supports the skins detoxification process & offers an intensive purifying effect


125x111_ferment_peeling 125x111_7568_a_peel_porcelain_peeling 2 in 1 peeling mask 125x111_skinresults20
Ferment Peeling  A’Peel Porcelain Peeling 2 in 1 Peeling Mask Skin Results Serum Index 20
Effective papaya enzyme peel is a powder that produces a fluffy foam when combined with liquid. Thoroughly & gently removes dead skin cells.

Specially formulated for all sensitive skin types including any demanding skin
Highly effective with fine porcelain particles & avocado oil guarantees refined skin.

(The intensity of the peel is variable by the amount ofwater mixed)
Exfoliating fruit acid facial scrub & leave on peeling mask with hi-tech ingredients actively moisturises & provides excellent antioxidant benefits New advanced AHA serum with 5% fruit acids from lemon, milk & apple
(PH value 4.0 – 4.5).

Gently refines, evens & regenerates the skin, reducing fine lines & minor irregularities leaving a fresher, younger complexion.

Suitable for sensitive & all skin types.

(For professional salon use only this AHA treatment available with higher AHA release index 40 & 60 refer to ‘Salons & Spas’ for product fact sheets)


125x111_hydro_tonic 125x111_astringent_tonic
Hydro Tonic Astringent Tonic
Mild alcohol-free tonic regulates moisture depot, protects against impurities. Reduces tightness in dry skin with a calming effect Refreshing alcohol-free astringent tonic, reduces oily shine & visibly refines skin with a calming &
anti-inflammatory effect.

Suitable for combination, oily & acne prone skin