Eye Zone

Eye Zone

Ultimate eye care to combat the signs of time
promising rapid visible results.

24ct Gold Micro particles combined with Hyaluronic acid & embedded peptides.
In winter you are more likely to opt for a creamy texture of the Golden Cream & Mask whilst
in the summer months Golden Gel & Golden Balm will offer sufficient protection & perfect care.

Specially formulated Golden Gel & Golden Balm are a perfect base for eye make-up during the day. At night the rich Golden Cream & Mask balances out all
signs of stress & lastingly nourishes the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Golden Balm and Golden Cream & Mask formulations are free from preservatives, synthetic colourings, PEG Emulsifers and allergenic perfumes,
which make these highly suitable for sensitive skin.

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Phyris Golden Gel Phyris Golden Balm Phyris Golden Cream & Mask Time Control Concealer
Golden Gel Golden Balm Golden Cream & Mask Time Control Concealer
Refreshing cooling eye care gel with microfine gold gives the delicate eye area new elasticity, moisture & firmer skin structure.

Improves microcirculation & has a balancing calming effect which reduces puffiness. Ideal for under eye make-up & contact lens wearers.

 Silky light formulation with microfine gold & depot hyaluronic acid, lastingly supplies & binds moisture, reducing tightness.

Peptides reduce congestion, signs of stress & tiredness, giving the eye area a fresh shimmer & an
anti-wrinkle effect.Highly suitable for sensitive skin
 Rich cream formulation with microfine Gold & Depot Hyaluronic Acid supplies & binds moisture reducing tightness.

Mimic lines reduced, special Red Algae Extract uses a protective film to strengthen fine skin & active peptides reduce congestion & signs of stress.Highly suitable for sensitive skin
Handy in your handbag with anti-age active ingredient complex, moisturises, calms, reduces redness & improves skin protection.

Fine pigments adjust to every skin tone to conceal, lighten dark shadows & soften lines.

Includes an SPF10 UV filter
Eye & Lip Vision Eye Lift Essentials Eye Lift Set Eye Lift Brush
Firming, Protective anti-aging care specially formulated for sensitive eye & lip area, High-tech peptide with a Botox-like effect reduces fine lines caused by dryness & facial expressions, with long lasting results against expression wrinkles.

Iris extract prevents the breakdown of collagen & stimulates protein production, leaving wrinkle depth visibly minimized

(Refer to ‘Perfect Age’ Range)
Tightens & smooths the skin giving the eye area new freshness & vitality. Tahiti pearl extracts make the skin silky soft & moisture binding, while Red Algae extract perfectly supports skin structure.

Caffeine improves circulation, reduces swelling & signs of tiredness. Lastingly improves skins barrier, firmness & balance

(Refer to ‘Luxesse’ Range)
Regenerative, strengthening anti-age concentrate for the upper & lower eye area reducing wrinkles & fine lines in a flash, giving the under eye area a noticeably younger & more even appearance.

Intensively moisturisers skin, balances out signs of tiredness & stress. Improves circulation & immune system, & reduces puffiness.Include Eye lift I (under eye) & Eye Lift II (above eye)

(Refer to ‘Luxesse’ Range)
 Super-soft Fan-Brush for use with the Essentials Eye Lift Set
Retinol Eye Cream
Creamy eye care reduces wrinkles & fine lines, erases shadows & puffiness, restoring lost elasticity to the delicate eye area.

Rice & Soybean peptides act as a drainage complex to combat shadows, swelling & a tired looking eye area.

Antiphilogistic effect is supported by Ivy Extract that additionally makes the skin look tighter.

Retinol supports skins collagen, preventing lines, whilst Vit A protects skin from dehydration & aging.

Refer to Triple A

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