Perfect Age

Perfect Age

Exclusive phyto stem cell care to combat premature aging of the skin.

Perfect Age is an award winning optimum preventive care for all skin types to attain timeless beauty.
This unique and exclusive Phyris range combines the latest, valuable and high-grade effective ingredients providing active protection against negative external influences and supporting the skin, fully maintaining functions and the skins regenerative processes. For timelessly beautiful skin like silk and satin..

Cutting edge stem cell technology from the wild apple blossom of Switzerland stimulates the skin’s own cell renewal by influencing the stem cells in the basal layer, thus smoothing and and tightening the skin, lastingly improving the cells longevity.

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cell refill better_001 cell lift 001_001 cell refill_001 Eye & Lip
Cell Control Cell Lift Cell Refill Eye & Lip
Soft 24hr anti-wrinkle body guard revitalizes & invigorates the skin, protecting the barrier function. Stimulates cell performance & visibly moisturises & refreshes the skin.

Ideal for maintaining young maturing skin (age 25-45)
Firming & tightening 24hr care activates cell regeneration by stimulating cells in the basal layer. Marula fruit rich in VitC strengthens the skins immune system & collagen synthesis. ‘Sweet almond lift complex’ tightens, minimizes lines & wrinkles, having an instant lifting effect.

Ideal for all skin types (age 35-45+)
Gentle 24hr cream intensively stimulates the formulation of new cells, regenerates the structure & balances hormonal, menopausal & malnourished skin.

Activates skins lipid synthesis, enhancing the skins thickness & texture’s visibly improved. DNA repair complex supports rejuvenation of elastin fibers & boosts the skins ability to regenerate.

Ideal for all skin types (45-75+)
Firming, Protective anti-aging care specially formulated for sensitive eye & lip area, High-tech peptide with a Botox-like effect reduces fine lines caused by dryness & facial expressions, with long lasting results against expression wrinkles.

Iris extract prevents the breakdown of collagen & stimulates protein production, leaving wrinkle depth visibly minimized
DÉCOLLETÉ Time Defense Mask Time Defense Serum Magic Caps
DÉCOLLETÉ Time Defense Mask Time Defense Serum Magic Caps (28)
 Anti-aging cream for neck, decollete, & breasts firms & prevents premature aging caused by loss of elasticity.
Iris extract supports collagen synthesis & stimulates production
of proteins inside cell walls.

‘White tea’ protects against negative influences & inhibits the breakdown of collagen. High-tech algae tightens & reduces moisture loss
Rich anti-aging cream mask protects the skin against environmental influences & prevents the breakdown of collagen fibers.

Hyaluronic acid, carbohydrates & silk proteins replenish the skins moisture loss & skins elasticity improves. Lines & wrinkles are minimized, protecting against dryness leaving the
skin silky & soft
High-tech concentrate has a relaxing & immediate, long-lasting firming effect, combating expression lines & wrinkles.

‘White tea’ protects the skin against negative influences &
inhibits breakdown of collagen.
Ginseng extract strengthens skin tissue,regenerates & improves skins structure
Rich, nourishing concentrate improves skins structure & stimulates cell regeneration, tightening contours & improving skins moisture level & elasticity.

VitC supports immune system & improves collagen synthesis, lines & wrinkles are visibly reduced


mini caps
Magic Caps (9)
As a silky anti-aging
nourishing concentrate, ideal for overnight stay & travel.
Use caps as a weekly routine before an upcoming special event to boost skins refreshing healthy glow

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