Salons & Spa’s

Complete Salon Systems

PHYRIS offers a unique, comprehensive system for salon use.

Offer custom treatment plans using the unique Three Phase System, to create a personalised custom treatment programme that suits the needs of every individual customer.  Or use pre-selected product ranges for ‘one time only’ clients.

Depending on the customers requirements and time available – treatments may be extended or shortened, which is great for squeezing in urgent requests.

Three product sizes

Products are available in Retail, Professional and Tester sizes.

Personal support, training and proven experience

Salons new to the Phyris Premium Spa Skincare range will benefit and enjoy:

With Phyris, you are not on your own.  Phyris has a massive range of products, promotional material and training available to ensure your Salon stands out!

What are the benefits for my Salon?

 Product costs and mark-up

Staff Training

Presentations for you and / or clients

Point of sale material available