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Phyris Moisturizing Shower Gel Phyris Ocean Splash Phyris Body Lotion
Moisturising Shower Gel Ocean Splash Body Lotion
Cleans, cares & pampers the body with a cocktail of maritime ingredients giving intensive moisture & protection for stressed skin. Minerals & trace elements restore & vitalize the skin, strengthening the skins protection barrier. Skin is left with a well-kept velvety feel Refreshing, vitalizing body spray with an immediate kick of freshness. Algae extract refreshes & provides an effective long lasting moisturising complex, protecting skin against dehydration & strengthens skins protection barrier.
(Perfect after a hot shower or an exercise work out)
Light, gentle moisturizing lotion with algae complex providing skin with moisture intensively & long lastingly, stimulating regeneration of the skin. Ceramide-synthesis improves skins structure leaving a velvety firm feeling

Spa Selection Packs

summer splash duo_001 shower duo_001
Summer Spa Splash Duo Summer Spa Shower Duo
 Includes Ocean Splash & a Rich Body Cream that guarantees a comprehensive and comfortable supply of moisture, avoiding a
drying-out skin feel. Lipid components form a light protective film, minimizing roughing on the skin.
This duo works in conjunction perfectly, satisfying the demands of dry skin
Includes a light Body Lotion & Moisturising Shower Gel which provide a perfect combination for any youthful or oily-prone skin to give the nourishment and hydration needed for a perfectly balanced body care