Hydro Active

Hydro Active

The  NEW Hyaluronic Acid Formulations replenish the skin’s own moisture depots
giving maximum, lasting results…FASTER!

This is achieved by using all 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid:   Classic-Filler-Depot-Biological

High-quality moisture care for all skin types Moisture, moisture, moisture … is the slogan of this range. Whether as a 24-hr cream, concentrate, capsule or mask, all these products have the same goal – to immediately and lastingly moisturise the skin.   Every skin type and skin condition will find the right moisturizing product and depending your personalised skin care needs, these products can also be combined with other care ranges… whenever the skin needs a moisture boost.

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Hyaluron Sensation Serum Hylauron Sensation Mask Hyaluron Sensation Cream       Hyaluron Sensation            2-Phase
The ultimate 24 hour moisture concentrate serum for all skin types, with timed release Hyaluron depot, rapidly absorbed to reduce dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles throughout the day Intensive moisturising express cream-gel mask with triple Hyaluronic Acid benefits.  Timed released effect provides lasting moisture.

May be used as a ‘leave on’ mask overnight
24 hour intensive care cream with a special timed release Hyaluronic Acid instantly provides maximum moisture & maintains a lasting effect

Best used before make-up
Intensive moisture cocktail with natural filler Hyaluronic acid &
Aloe-Vera extract in the water phase immediately moisturises & the skins moisture depots are refilled to combat fine lines caused by dryness
Aqua Sensation Cream Aqua Sensation Gel Hyaluron Sensation Caps (28) Hyaluron Sensation Caps (10)
 Hyaluronic acid & desert grass extract provides intensive 24/7 creamy moisturiser that retains moisture within the skin for protecting, calming & balancing the skins barrier 24 hr intensive care freshness with a light gel formulation providing intensity of a cream to reduce skin tightness.

Ideal for dehydrated young/combination skin
Intensive concentrates of Hyaluronic acid moisture caps, wrinkle filling to hydrate instantly & visibly from the inside out plumping & refreshing the skin Ideal for travel


Body sensation designer_001 body sensation concentrate_001 Phyris Travel Sized Kit
Body Sensation Designer  Body Sensation Concentrate   Travel Sized Kit
Skins own micro-circulation is activated reducing the appearance of cellulite, vitalizing legs. Serum smooths, moisturises, firms & calms the skin, minimizing water congestion Triple-slimming-complex minimizes the storage of fat & stimulates micro-circulation. Hyaluronic acid refills moisture reservoirs caused by dryness.

‘Concentrate’ immediately firms, tightens, balances & shapes the connective tissue
Refreshing, balancing & hydrating 3-phase facial care products.   Travel size: Foam Cleanser + Termasomi Gel + Hyaluron Sensation Cream


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