Phyto Vital

Phyto Vital

This specialised anti-ageing skin care range for demanding & mature skin

Besides firming and tightening, it requires nourishment with elements which get lost during the ageing process.
The answer is lots of moisture, nourishement with high-quality lipids and ingredients which activate the regeneration of the skin.
Phyto Vital range of 24hr care creams offer intensive active ingredients that are formulated for supplying the skin with substances
that are depleting & lost as the skin ages.

Phyto Vital products are specially made for the needs of a maturing skin (combination to very dry skin types).


Vitamin Phyris Revitaliser Super Rich Revitaliser
Age Control Revitaliser Vitamin A Revitaliser Nutri Revitaliser Super Rich Revitaliser
Gentle 24hr care featuring co-enzyme Q10 for all demanding skin & tendency towards dryness.

Inhibits premature formation of wrinkles, increases cell metabolism improving oxygen supply in the skins cells & Hyaluronic acid supplies moisture storage
Regenerative 24hr care with VitA & E
are free radical scavengers that regenerate the skin & improve elasticity, helping to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Natural lipids leave a protective film on the skin locking in moisture. 

Suitable for combination, demanding & sallow skin
Stimulating 24hr care nourishes the skin leaving contours tight & firm. Biopeptides support collagen synthesis & potato extract stimulates skins lipid synthesis preventing moisture loss, instantly improving skins barrier function.

Suitable for sensitive skins
24hr care with Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) supports the skins barrier function. Oxygen revitalizes skin cell activity, improving elasticity & tightness, leaving skin visibly fresh & vitalized.

Ideal for very dry demanding skin