Time Release

time releaseTime Release Serums

Time Release Depot (Serum Masks)                                    

Time Release serums and Time Release depot (serum masks) are the latest PHYRIS developments with the 6 most active anti-aging ingredients in cosmetics that give convincing, long lasting visible results for all skin conditions. Each serum and depot, target the skin’s needs specifically which give that instant effect.

Time Release serums are the most effective way to target the deeper layers of the skin, combating issues before they reach the skin’s surface.

Time Release Depot (Serum Masks) have an overall outstanding effect of restoring, hydrating, protecting against free radicals and balancing out the skin condition therefore successfully fighting premature skin ageing. May be applied as a leave on depot (as a refreshing & light serum mask), they can be used in the morning and/or at night & you can combine 2 for added intensity.          Click Here for the brochure

hsm hya dep vf retinol
Hyaluron Super Moist Hyaluron Depot Vitamin Flash Vitamin depot
Light, non-oily moisturising serum uses filler Hyaluronic acid to pad out wrinkles & fine lines from within instantly with a long-term effect, to gently refresh the skin  Refreshing moisture mask (may be used as a leave on) instantly balances out wrinkles & fine lines having a similar effect as the Hyaluron super moist serum Invigorates & protects skin for many hours against free radicals & light induced skin aging. Active ingredients Q10 improves oxygen absorption &  Vit C firms the connective tissue  Revitalizing serum mask invigorates and instantly refreshes the skin. Nano-encapsulated vitamin cocktail protects & slows down skin aging
phyris-peptide-relax-lift peptide deport raa retinol
Peptide Relax-Lift Peptide Depot Retinol Anti-Age  Retinol Depot
Hi-tech triple peptide & ‘Argireline’ (a botox alternative) eradicates traces of stress by relaxing the fine lines and wrinkles. Successfully improves the skin’s renewal process  Silky, firming serum mask visibly smooths, relaxes & lastingly rejuvenates the skin. Liposomally encapsulated triple peptide gives skin more radiance Silky shimmering serum (includes Hyaluronic acid) provides intensive moisture & encapsulated Retinol (Vit A) supports skin collagen resulting in a visibly more resilient, radiant complexion  Silky anti-aging mask encapsulated Retinol (Vit A) supports collagen synthesis, combined with Hyaluronic acid instantly & intensively moisturises the skin & lastingly combats formation of fine lines
cf coll dep cr ceramide dep
Collagen Filler Collagen Depot Ceramide Repair Ceramide Depot
 Liposomally encapsulated (marine origin collagen) instantly tackles the typical changes of mature, tired skin & rapidly results in tighter contours, skin elasticity & firmness Gentle firming serum mask instantly & lastingly improves the skins elasticity, restructures the connective tissue & tightens contours Repairs & strengthens the skin’s barrier giving a silky, soft complexion. Secret weapon for stressed sensitive, dry & rough skin needing help Long term, soft regenerative serum mask prevents premature skin aging, repairs & strengthens skins lipid barrier