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Winter bargains will restore skin that is left dry and damaged from heaters!
Sun protective SPF25 and UV ADD on are ideal products for sport and holiday makers.

Ampoules Collection Spa Harmony plus Leave On Spa Beauty plus Leave On grandel sunny perfume
Ampoules Collection Single $9.50 OR 6 Pack $54.50 Spa Harmony plus Leave On $14
lasts 12 applications
Spa Hydro plus Leave On
lasts 12 applications
Sunny Eau de Parfum
A symbiosis of luxury and multiplied effectiveness. (Refer to overview on the ‘New Generation’ page for individual information & application)  Velvety creamy structure immediately calming & harmonizing stressed & irritated skin.Water lily extract has an intense anti-stress effect with an anti-bacterial result. Rich oil component reduces redness & irritation, allowing skin to regain balance.Suitable for sensitive skin.
 Gentle & light with high moisture content visibly refreshes & revitalizes the skin. Fig cactus extract replenishes moisture & improves skins overall moisture level.Special oil components support the skins repair mechanism & barrier function.Ideal for age 30+ (Also refer to Hyaluron Sensation Mask in the ‘Hydro Active Range’) Fruity like summer, full of ‘joie de vivre’ & a little exotic. Top Note: Fruity freshness is created by lemons, sun ripened tangerines & aromatic blackcurrants. Heart Note: Lily of the valley, rose, freesia, peach, apple, jasmine & apricot. Base Note: Sandalwood, cedar, amber & white musk
body winter dream wintersilk cream FOR WEB winter velvet mask FOR WEB Vita Star Moisture Flash
Body Winter Dream $42  Winter Wonderland – Winter Silk Cream $48 Winter Wonderland – Velvet Mask $38  Vita Star Moisture Flash $45.50
 Rapidly absorbed caring body lotion that provides skin with lasting protection. Desert grass extracts increase moisture content whilst acting as a protective barrier, preventing dehydration. Skin is left feeling silky soft and highly nourished.  24hr care cream protects against outer environmental influences, enriches the skin with valuable lipids (oils) to prevent moisture loss whilst strengthening the immune system, preventing irritation. Complexion is left feeling velvety & soft Rich velvet winter mask regenerating & calming, maintains the skins elasticity & resilience, minimising irritation & redness for each skin type & skin condition. Leaves a positive effect on skins structure & smoothness. (may be left on overnight) Dewy 2-phase refreshing & moisturising care for youthful, combination, tired or dehydrated stressed skin. The fruity cocktail of active ingredients extracts (Star Fruit, Banana Blossom, Watermelon) not only keep free radicals in check but also promotes collagen synthesis and promotes skin elasticity
Protect Sensitive 25 UV ADD ON Phyris Moisturizing Shower Gel Phyris Body Lotion
Protect Sensitive SPF25 $38 UV ADD On  30 High $24 SPA Moisturising Shower Gel
SPA Body Lotion
Light, fresh, waterproof special sun lotion minimizes sun related reactions, moisturises & strengthens the skins own protective functions. VitE & Oils (Macadamia & Kukuinut) calm & bind moisture in the skin, especially in the cases of irritated or sensitive skin. Light, non greasy & quickly absorbed UV ADD On offers a new modern way to provide the skin potection against UVA and UVB rays. Vit E provides additional protection against free radicals & panthenol boosts the moisture binding capacity. You can apply under or on top of your usual care/make-up without permanently stressing your skin with a sun protection.  Cleans, cares & pampers the body with a cocktail of maritime ingredients giving intensive moisture & protection for stressed skin. Minerals & trace elements restore & vitalize the skin, strengthening the skins protection barrier. Skin is left with a well-kept velvety feel  Light, gentle moisturizing lotion with algae complex providing skin with moisture intensively & long lastingly, stimulating regeneration of the skin. Ceramide-synthesis improves skins structure leaving a velvety firm feeling
Phyris Ocean Splash
SPA Ocean Splash
Refreshing, vitalizing body spray with an immediate kick of freshness. Algae extract refreshes & provides an effective long lasting moisturising complex, protecting skin against dehydration & strengthens skins protection barrier.
(Perfect after a hot shower or an exercise work out)