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• Complete Salon Systems
PHYRIS offers a unique, comprehensive system for salon use.
Offers of customized treatment plans using the unique Three Phase System, to create a personalised custom treatment programme that suits the needs of individual clients.
Depending on the customers requirements, availability and budget – treatments may be extended or shortened, which is ideal for catering to customer needs.

Four product sizes
Products are available in Retail, Professional (Cabin), Tester and Sample sizes.

• Personal support, training and proven experience
Salons new to the Phyris Skin Care Concept will benefit and enjoy:

– Attractive and successfully proven Training and Marketing materials
– Special Salon Starter Kits tailored to suit your individual salon needs
– Promotional literature and samples
– Product and Sales Training
– Specialised Treatments and exclusive massage concepts and techniques

With Phyris, you are not on your own. Phyris has a massive range of products, promotional material and training available to ensure your Salon stands out!

• What are the benefits for my Salon?
Product costs and mark-up
○ You pay wholesale prices, and receive special promotional discounts
○ Mark-up from 60% on every product to reach recommended retail pricing

Staff Training
○ Provision for initial and ongoing training at your salon, or the Phyris centre

Presentations for you and / or clients
○ Day or evening
○ Introduction to Phyris’s unique 3-phase care concept
○ V.I.P presentations or support is available for you and your salon staff and clients

Point of sale material available
○ Posters, banners, bags, logo’s, artwork, samples, special promo’s and literature is all available to enhance your salon
○ Rewards program
○ Assistance is available in organising special events