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skin results (400x333)
Skin Results Serum – peel index 20 30ml
• Properties
New advanced AHA serum with 5% fruit acids from lemon, milk & apple (PH value 4.0 – 4.5).
Gently refines, evens & regenerates the skin, reducing fine lines & minor irregularities leaving a fresher, younger complexion.
Suitable for sensitive & all skin types.

(For professional salon use only this AHA treatment available with higher AHA release index 40 & 60 refer to ‘Salons & Spas’ for product fact sheets).

• Application
Apply after cleansing.
Apply 1 – 2 pipettes to where applicable. Leave on for approximately 30 – 60 minutes. Rinse with warm water, whilst cleansing once more. Apply appropriate face care moisturiser afterwards.
For a more intense result, it can be left on over night. Rinse with warm water whilst cleansing, apply Somi followed by appropriate face care moisturiser afterwards.

• Ingredients • Age • Skin Type/Condition
○ AHA Liposome
○ AHA Complex
18+ ○ Oily
○ Combination
○ Normal
○ Mature
○ Dry