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PHYRIS Internationally Celebrated Cosmetics
• The brand is represented very successfully in over 52 countries all over the world.

Used in Some of the Most Exclusive Salons & Spas Around the World
• Phyris offers a range to protect and condition the skin, to counteract skin ageing and to treat skin problems.
Products have not been tested on animals.
• Phyris contains natural plant extracts, vitamins, fruit acids and mineral trace elements.
• Using the latest technological breakthroughs – Photo Stem Cells, Tahitian Black Pearl, further development of Hyaluronic Acid, Time Release Serums, Time Release AHAs, Triple A Retinol & more.

Beauty Care From Professionals
• PHYRIS products are only available from experienced skincare professionals with extensive knowledge, providing beauty consultancy and offering treatments to the customer in: Beauty SPAs & Salons, Selected Perfumeries, Pharmacies, Wellness and Fitness Centers. Phyris Australia selects experienced and well-respected therapists to ensure each customer receives the experience they deserve.