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Hyaluron Sensation Mask (126x350)Hyaluron Sensation Mask 75ml
• Properties
Intensive moisturising express cream-gel mask with triple Hyaluronic Acid benefits. Timed released effect provides lasting moisture.
May be used as a ‘leave on’ mask overnight.

• Application
After cleansing and a suitable SOMI, apply approximately 2 teaspoons and leave on for 5 – 10 minutes. Massage the residue into the skin.
For overnight application, apply approximately 2 teaspoons to face after cleansing and appropriate SOMI. Apply before bed, and rinse in the morning. Massage the residue into the skin.

 • Ingredients • Age  • Skin Type/Condition
○ Hyaluronic Acid Equivalent
○ Classic Hyaluronic Acid
○ Desert Grass Extract
25+ ○ Oily
○ Combination
○ Dry
○ Normal
○ Mature