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Hyaluron Sensation Eye (90x350) Hyaluron Sensation Eye 20ml – From the Hydro Active range
• Properties
A silky light eye care, that offers maximum moisture to the delicate eye and lip area. Lines caused by dryness are reduced immediately and long lastingly.
The skin looks intensively refreshed. 

• Application
After cleansing and a suitable SOMI, apply a pearl sized amount in the morning and night around the eye and lip area.
Afterwards, apply a suitable 24-hour care cream.

 • Ingredients • Age  • Skin Type/Condition
○ Depot Hyaluronic Acid
○ Hyaluronic Acid
○ Natural Hyaluronic Acid Equivalent (Tremellales)
20+ ○ Oily
○ Combination
○ Dry
○ Normal
○ Sensitive