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age control concealer (49x400) Age Control Concealer 2.5ml
• Properties
Handy in your handbag with anti-age active ingredient complex, moisturises, calms, reduces redness & improves skin protection.
Fine pigments adjust to every skin tone to conceal, lighten dark shadows & soften lines.
Includes an SPF10 UV filter.

• Application
After cleansing, suitable SOMI, face and eye care, Time Control Concealer can either be applied directly or after applying foundation to the areas where unevenness or fine lines need to be concealed.

 • Ingredients • Age  • Skin Type/Condition
○ Pigments
○ Anti-Ageing Active Ingredient Complex
○ Bisabolol
○ Amaranth Seed Oil
18+ ○ Mature
○ Normal
○ Combination
○ Sensitive
○ Dry
○ Oily