ProductsPhase 3 | Derma Control

sebo balance formula (120x230) skin normalizing cream (200x154) silver pure concentrate (73x230)
Sebo Balance Formula
For impure & oily skin. Reduces oily film,
refines pores, fights blackheads & pimples…
Skin Normalizing Cream
Specially formulated for acne-prone
combination skin…
Silver Pure Concentrate
Active ingredient concentrate to combat inflammations of problematic skin…
silver balance mask (86x230) sicca repair balm (121x230)
Silver Balance Mask
Rapidly calming mask for all skin types with
over-activesebaceous glands, redness &
Sicca Repair Balm
Calms irritations, dryness and infected
blemishes. Hyaluronic spheres deliver
long-lasting moisture…