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519x460_retinol_balm_72dpi (400x373)Retinol Balm 50ml
• Properties
Light revitalizing 24hr care for stressed, oily & combination skin.Brown Algae Extract clams moisturises & smooths skin leaving complexion immediately more balanced.

Liposomally encapsulated Retinol supports skins collagen & effectively prevents formation of fine lines & existing lines.
Revitalizing Peach Juice Concentrate rich in Vit A protects skin from dehydration & aging.

Classic Vit A improves skins formation of new cells reducing wrinkles & fine lines, improves elasticity, refining the skin.
Retinol equivalent features high tolerance & unlimited efficacy throughout the day, creating a youthful even complexion.

• Application
In the morning and evening, after cleansing, SOMI and eye care, apply a hazelnut sized amount to face, neck and decolleté.

 • Ingredients • Age  • Skin Type/Condition
Encapsulated Retinol:
○ Vitamin A
○ Retinol Equivalent
○ Natural Vitamin A
○ Algae Extract
35+ ○ Oily
○ Combination
○ Normal
○ Mature
○ Sensitive