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519x460_ferment_peelingFerment Peeling 30gm
• Properties
Effective papaya enzyme peel is a powder that produces a fluffy foam when combined with liquid. Thoroughly & gently removes dead skin cells.
Specially formulated for all sensitive skin types including any demanding skin.

• Application
Apply after cleansing.
Create foam with 1/2 a teaspoon of Ferment Peeling and apply it to face neck and decolleté.
To keep in moist, massage with wet fingers or apply a moist towel.
Remove after 10 – 20 minutes with water.

• Ingredients • Age • Skin Type/Condition
○ Papain (Papaya Enzyme)
All ○ Oily
○ Combination
○ Normal
○ Sensitive
○ Mature
○ Dry